Tuesday, 18 March 2008

In Despatches

Digging is only part of the story...the site work is fun but ultimately meaningless without reporting. Accordingly Richard and Martin have been working to collate the records from the summer and a report on the 2007 work is now complete and has been sent to our key partners in Belgium. The report is rather large as it includes integrated photos and illustrations so please don't ask us to email you a copy (all 26MB of it). We are very grateful to anyone who helped us in compiling this - you know who you are (and so do we)! Team members who want a copy should ask and we'll burn a copy to disk or do some illicit photocopying.

Now that we have submitted a report we can seek permission to undertake further work this year and already the landowner has received a letter asking where we can dig.

More news when we have it. I hope that soon we will be in a position to start talking in firmer terms about the 2008 season!