Saturday, 28 February 2009

The Day Thou Gavest

Well we survived the conference.

Thank you to all the wonderful speakers for their excellent contributions and for sticking to their allotted timeslots. Also a big thank you to tha audience for a stimulating set of questions and discussions points,as well as for being generally nice people who wantedto talk and even buy us beer!

It was good to see a few of the Plugstreet regulars in the audience,as well as our friend Eric,who will be joining us: Welcome Back from "Over There" mate!

Meanwhile we're planning a short foray to record a concrete shelter on the British line before the potato crop goes in. More breaking news soon!

Friday, 27 February 2009

Conference on Saturday 28th

Following a presentation of project findings to the Society of Antiquaries of London last week, several of the project team will be addressing this conference at Oxford University on Saturday.
Nick, Peter, Martin, Richard and Jon will all be giving papers which will draw in aspects of our work at Plugstreet. for any readers brave enough, you might also be able to find us at the Eagle and Child pub on St Giles on the evening of Friday 27th....