Monday, 8 October 2007

More news on the re-burial...find Mat and Michael..

Many more images of the events surrounding the re-burial of the 5 Australian soldiers are present at this location:

The images are noteworthy not simply for their recording of this event, but also for capturing evidence of Mat and Michael in suits!!! (they appear in two or three images. I'll leave you to find them...) oh, and what appears to be a Belgian military outside urinal!

This site also includes images on the Anzac rugby match played as part of the commemmorations in Belgium (sadly not featuring either an Australian scrum that posesses a reverse gear, nor a ref that allows forward passes v the New Zealanders!), and of the launch of the Passchendaele Australian walk put together (I think) by Franky and his team with elements of the miltiary railway used by, amongst others, 'our' 33rd Btn.

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