Tuesday, 18 December 2007

The results from the Magnetometer survey are now delivered as an early Christmas present by the Colonel, and pretty special they are! The front line runs from top left to lower right with a splodge representing the crater from the mine explosion (now home to a badger) being present in front (to the right) of the front line near the top of the main rectangle of the survey. Interestingly, there is clear evidence for a T-head runnning from this as part of practice of crater fortification. This equates well with Dan's excavation trench at Messines. All manner of Saps and Comms trenches are also visible. There is a clear need for a small, targeted excavation we think....


Francisco said...

what kind of Mag did you used?

Plugstreet Team said...

Dear Francisco,
The geophysical survey was carried out using a Bartington Grad -601 dual fluxgate gradiometer. 30m x 30m grid-squares were surveyed at 1m x 0.25m intervals (4 readings per metre). A total area of about 5ha was surveyed.