Wednesday, 30 July 2008


As the first day of the dig draws nigh the No Man's Land team have been pipped to the post with exciting discoveries by the Wessex University "Bonekickers". For readers not familiar with them the group are stars of a BBC TV drama set in a fictional university department. You can tell it's fiction as they drive nice cars, live in the Royal Crescent at Bath and are all attractive and witty. Oh and they found the True Cross, Boudicca's body and the Tablet of Destiny (gasp!).

Anyway this hugely enjoyable tosh is broadcast on a Tuesday evening and next week's episode centres on the discovery of a First World War Tank near Verdun. We shall all be watching to see how one should really do Great War Archaeology!

If you do watch let us know what you think via the comments!

You will be able to see Martin and Prof Mark Horton (Bristol University, adviser to the series and alleged model for "Dolly" Parton) talking about tanks and Great War Archaeology on the Bonekickers website after the broadcast of next week's programme. It was worth it to crawl around tanks at Bovington's excellent Tank Museum.

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