Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Back Into The Line

On Friday a small party of us will be going out to Belgium.

Last year during ploughing the tenant discovered the remains of a British concrete bunker. Unsurprisingly he wasn't happy about a bent plough and a load of rubble in the potato field so plans to remove it. Fortunately the landowner told us that this will happen and has given us the opportunity to undertake rescue recording of the bunker and do a limited amount of excavation around it in the British Line.

Previously we have never had opportunity to look at the British trenches so this is both exciting and very useful for our research into the development of the battlefield.

As usual we will be staying with our friends at the Peace Village in Messines and enjoying the excellent food of Claude at The Auberge at Plugstreet -

We hope to be updating the blog during our stay.

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