Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Over the Parapet

As promised, here are some photographs of the project, these are of the trenches excavated but there will be more, including finds coming soon!

The blown off roof of the bunker in T3. The small scale is in the alcoves for used to store German stick grenades, ready for use in an attack.

Remains of the battered German bunker in T4

The remains of the collapsed shelter in the side of the crater investigated in T6. More to see there next year, I feel!

The intercutting German Trenches in T5. These had been filled by the upcast from the mine! The postholes were supporting the revetment of the walls and were almost a metre deep!

Part of theamazing architecture in T1.

Brian, Avril & Egg hard at it with trowels in T2, only to discover in was empty - still, even negative evidence is evidence!

Henry and Bev working in Trench 4.
As you can see the team were pretty busy. Next time, more images of the treasure uncovered!

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