Monday, 4 August 2008

Day 1 - the beasting begins

Well, the rest of the Plugstreet crew have spent the first day on site, after much drinking the night before!

We now have 7 trenches open and even on day 1 we have had some interesting finds. Of course Team Slither have come up trumps, as we did last year, and despite only starting `Trench 12´ after our usual large baguette lunch we´ve already found parts of a German pickelhaub!! Just the rest of the untouched German frontline to find in a baking hot flax field! No pressure!

As for the rest of the group, well we have discovered a few interesting facts about Coops´ biological makeup which reacts unusually to a metal detector (see Facebook for those on it) and we´re all waiting to see Daisy Duke in his hotpants.

The beer supplies are disappearing fast but we haven´t yet had to resort to the pink stuff! And for those absent friends who couldn´t make it back this year we are all enjoying wedding style buffet dinners of smoked salmon, but we are thinking of you and drinking to your health!

1 comment:

Sue said...

Dear all-

An apt title, since they're discussing the fatal beasting of that chap at Lucknow Barracks on Radio 2 and you're all digging relentlessly in a baking hot conditions. Here, it's cold and wet, so you've got the best of it.
I'm glad to hear that you're tucking into smoked salmon - one more reason to make sure I am fully involved next year. I look forward to hearing all about today's progress and finds later, and will be thinking about you as I settle in with a beer and the Bone Kickers!