Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Day 2 - confusion reigns

Well what a day - mystery and mayhem have ensued!

The `back to front trenchers´ aka Steve R´s crew, found that they´d spent two days digging their trench in the wrong place. Av´s team discovered an amazingly well preserved hand shovel circa 2007! Cheers for that Dan!

The bunker team found some remnants of trench board, while Chris the gravedigger found an 1898 bayonet. Team Nosferatu spent all day digging the deepest trench in the world and found nothing until the amazing discovery of "the bottle of Messines" at 5.30pm!

Meanwhile, Team Slither strike again. Bags and bags of finds including webbing, mauser rounds galore, 4 18lb shells, various tins, leather mush with rivets still attached, angle irons and finally a full wine bottle until Gontrand used his chink, chink, smunch excavation techniques resulting in eau de sulphur.

All in all a good day!

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Sue said...

Dear all-
Just watched "Don't mess with me, I'm an archaeologist" on your behalf.
...My, my, Mr Brown. You've got a lot to live up to.
Sue o)