Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Day three in the big brother trench

Well, day three over, sun still out and we have nearly finished the bunker site; great archaeology and super-human digging; find today include lots of wriggly tin and bits of gasmask, lots of rounds, shrapnel and an intact beer bottle. Also visited by those that did the Passchendaele march - both German and British. Dan has opened the site that will reveal the Australian Lewis gun position at the edge of the crater.

Hello to Rod if reading - only a stick grenade to entertain so far. Cranfield MSC have doubled the local demand for pink and yellow drinks.

Rob Janaway has arrived and is assisting Shirley and Androulla with finds conservation.

The Messines Test Match has taken place with Sue and Jo displaying hitherto unseen vicious streaks and Ant being shown up by the old-timer, his dad. Hello to Ruth and Katherine too.

Jacky Plateuw from the Menin Gate last post committee came over too, which was good and we had a visit from local TV so we will be all over the local news. We are also in the local paper, heaven help us!

We are both still on the anxiety dreams.

Johnny, hi! Still no Anzora...

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artistsmock said...

I sent details of your dig/ blog to my friend in Belgian telly Mat Verberkt, he presents culture programmes, but more over in Maastricht, so i don't know if the message was passed on...
( Jon Price's French brother )