Monday, 6 August 2007

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Some more images of the site

1) German stick grenade - one of several examples found on site and dealt with by Gontrand, ex of DOVO

2) British Mills bomb (again, Gontranded)

3) German Bunker found in the German fire trench. If anyone questions the merits of archaeology and the great war, well this bunker was never mentioned in ANY diaries of the battle (Battalion or otherwise), is not visible in aerial photos or trench maps. Even the farmer did not know of its existence until Kirsty, Tori and the gang worked their concrete-maiden magic

4) Dan excavating the sap dug byt he Australians to provide a T-head for their Lewis gun as part of the refortifying of Ultimo Crater. This produced bottles, pipe stems, food tins and the contents of a brazier.

5) Lovely result as this trench is finished - note wriggly tin sides and iron strap holding them in place


Regulus1 said...


Congratulations on a job well done. Concerning the bunker, just a small remark. It seems everyone is a bit surprised by the fact that this bunker had never been seen before on aerial photo's etc. This is not surprising at all. A very large part of the bunkers has never been discovered on aerials. Many were well camouflaged during construction and after it. Some of them behind the first lines even looked like harmless farmhouses etc. and were extremely well camouflaged.

Best from Johan

Plugstreet Team said...

Thanks Johan

Good to see you on Friday.