Wednesday, 1 August 2007


Luke, I'm really missing your experience in this job! They keep bringing back bagfuls of rusty stuff and it's getting out of hand. Never mind, though, we learn by doing...

Some of the best stuff so far, at least in my book: a piece of domestic china from the Factory Farm crater lip with molten glass fused to it, the result of the incredible heat of the mine explosion; a bone-handled pocket knife in lovely condition; some black cloth almost certainly civilian and probably the farmer's wife's best Sunday dress!; a toothbrush; the bowl of a delicate liqueur glass, a large leather-covered horse collar (removal of which seemed to take away most of the section; bits of a gas mask; and finally, whatever they decide to bring me tomorrow!

I'm receiving vital assistance from Androuma, who can decipher stuff that's way beyond my eyesight and who brings me coffee on a regular basis. When I'm not glued to a comfortable table qnd chair in the sun, I'm acting as Adjutant, Commissary, Transport Corps and general dogsbody. The checkout girl at the local Carrefour is becoming a close personal friend.

Forgot to mention, some of us were mad enough to get up at 3am yesterday 31st July to fire the flares that started the Wipers March. A moving, if cold, experience.


Luke Barber said...

Ho, ho - don't these sites just produce piles of rust and stuff! Best of luck - wish I was there to help out with the bullets (how sad is that!). Anyway, word of advice - take all the diggers' tools away on Friday - it will give you half a chance to finish the finds! They have a nasty habit of digging right to the end and presenting you with a sack of bullet cases for recording just before they leave for the ferry!! Best Wishes to all!

Anonymous said...

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Mark Khan said...

(in the sytle of Homer Simpson)Mmmm.... Bullets!!
For the ordnance minded of us, very interested in what has been found. Technically speaking of course, bullets are the pointy bits, cartridges are the non pointy bits and rounds are both pointy bit and non pointy bit together, most likely with bangy stuff inside. This description is of course not taken from (Any) Textbook of Ammunition. You've no idea the fun we have at the European Cartridge Research Group Meetings!! Next to coins tho, one of few artefacts that someone has had the kindness to stamp on them when, where and who made them (and with a bit of luck what they are!!)
Keep up the good work - looking forward to the results!!