Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Day Three, Trench Three!

Hi all,
Another fantastic day of finds. Our trench on the edge of Ultimo has been really productive, we've found some celluloid which may be from the front of a gasmask as well as a number of bullets, both german and allied, some of which we can date, and lots of stuff which looks rather like a modern art installation at the moment.

It was all put into perspective after our visit to the Menin gate yesterday evening and the WWI re-enactment guys came to site this afternoon!

This is my first dig and an amazing experience which I hope I'll be able to repeat!!!


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Faience Fiend said...

Hi there, it all looks amazing, and somehow a little overwhelming. Can birds still sing there without it sticking in the beak? Don't get Trench(three)foot.