Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Around the Media

Richard gave an interview on Garrison Radio this lunchtime with the lovely Josette. It broadcasts to all major British Army garrisons in UK and as well as talking about our work here he also talked about the Plugstreet Project and our aspirations for the dig, as well as our view of the war (nobody mention futility, or lions and donkeys, okay?).

They have been great supporters of our work.

Meanwhile in the Kaiser's Bunker...

Actually the site isn't quite as frivolous as it looks as it's got spottery detail on all manner of stuff but you know the real reason to go there is because of the pictures of the dachshund in a spiky helmet.

It's not all futility, you know (again, don't get me started on futility).

I was alterted to this excellent site by my chum Lucy on her blog


yogibear said...

Thanks for the links. Have checked them out but the kaisersbunker one doesn't appear to work? Is there an http missing or something? (I'm not technical :))

Enjoying the updates and looking forward to following your progress at the end of the month.

Ralph said...

Add an 's' to the name - and you will see the site.