Sunday, 29 July 2007

Day One on the Plugstreet Project

So, here we are then.

If the spzlling is q bit squint its becquse Iµn using a continentql keyboard. Anyway...

After coffee at length with the farmer and a good breakfast at the Peace Village we hit the site. Peter (AKA the Colonel) did great service with his magnetometer and found us all manner of anomalies, many of which appear to be Great War features. Meanwhile Michael Molkentin appeared with mega jetlag and a plan of the Anzac defnces of the Ultimo crater. Strangely the two seemed to tie together.

Richard and Martin also went off to see the Comines-Warneton Historical Society. After an informative meeting and a beer/coffee (you decide) they returned, having seen treasures by the score and having been given the heqds-up on the site and its context.

Dinner in various establishments in Ieper - the eels were magnificent.

Colonel's quote:
"I'll get you to put your tongue on that..." Ref the resistivity probes (allegedly)

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