Thursday, 5 July 2007

Yesterday's Burials

The newspapers and news websites have all been carrying pieces about the funeral of the Lancashire Fusiliers that I was talking about yesterday. The BBC are now carrying this piece from their military history correspondent Peter Caddick-Adams of the UK Defence Academy:

In the piece he describes the difficulties of arriving at any identification for the bodies that are still being recovered from the Western Front. He describes visiting the "Finding the Fallen" exhibition at the National Army Museum last year and learning how the smallest details could help identify a man.

I am proud to say that the exhibition was based on the work of No Man's Land and took it's title from a TV series that featured our work. NML is, of course, the lead body in the Plug Street Project and many of its members are key people in the August dig.

The BBC article underlines what I was trying to say yesterday - that attention to detail is important because it is those small clues, like the position of buttons on a cuff, that could make all the difference.

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