Thursday, 26 July 2007

Over the Top

The project is about to start and the blog will hot up. Look out for contributions from various team members, pictures, bomb of the day - especially for our usual EOD cover who can't be with us because the Queen has invited him to a war - and so much more.

And the Auberge has announced that the mussel season has started, so that's tomorrow's dinner sorted out.

As my partner says "It's like a job". Well it would be but Richard and I are taking leave... it's more fun than the beach!

Keep watching and don't forget to leave comments for us.


Mark Khan said...

Good Luck to All!! Hope the dig goes well & the weather is kind!! I shall also be looking forward to Bomb of the day!!

QUOTE (From "The Pink Panther Strikes Again"): (Clouseau has just been the victim of a booby trap)

POLICE SGT: Do you know what kind of a bomb it was?
CLOUSEAU: The exploding kind.

Luke Barber said...

Wish I was with you guys instead of having to teach children at Barcombe Roman Villa! Still, have done my back again so do not think I would be much good for anything other than trowelling and finds anyway! I will be watching the results with interest - best of luck.
Luke, Elke and vonCrayfish

Paola said...

Have a good start guys! Look forward to seeing you on sunday.

P.S. I hate mussels. Glad I am not there tomorrow.

Sue said...

How deep is the mud, then?
Jo and I will be in France by 1pm tomorrow and aren't doing a damn thing until we've done Pain au Chocolat in at least two cafes. Makes sense to enjoy your last days of health before you start digging up the phosgene...

En avance!

jmve said...

to know the mud see the belgium blog with pictures