Sunday, 29 July 2007

Sunday - Day Two

Hello to Rod, Nigel the elder, Ruth and Katharine and Mark!

Day Two
So we couldn`t dig the British Front Line due to the crop in the field but we have got access to the woodland and the Factory Farm area. We began with the continuation of the geophysics near Ultimo Crater and a chat with the film crew fron ABC and Matt and Michael from Oz.

Cleaning of the Factory Farm area started under Jon's capable leadership, and a contour survey of the crater lip was also started.

Early finds include:
parts of a sniper shield (German)
Coolant system from a maxim gun
incoming.303 rounds from Factory Farm and
large calibre shell splinters.

Dinner was "interesting", especially for the veggies who got peas (hello justin).

After dinner we had a short briefing seminar for the team about the site and its history. Thanks especially to Ralph who got off a plane from Baltimore and a train from Brussels and almost immediately gave a paper on the Bavarian Army at Messines.

Beer time!


Mark Khan said...

Early finds sound very interesting.To us ammunition "anoraks" it can only get better when some complete rounds/cases are found, resulting in a trance like state known as "headstamp heaven". Having visited Majestic Wine yesterday in Chichester, I am attempting to support in a Belgian style, having purchased some 9% Belgian Trappist Monk beer!! Hope tomorrow goes well - looking forward to the next update!!

jmve said...

Pictures available at Belgium blog

jon said...

Nice to see you all at work. Look forward to the next few weeks. If you get the chance could you post some images of the recovered artefacts. Good luck at the upcoming commemoration. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

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