Tuesday, 3 July 2007

It's getting worryingly close to the first spadeful

July. Crumbs, it's July! At the end of this month we actually have to start digging holes and making sense of the site. At least we know we have a crack team in the field (no pressure guys) and some good friends waiting in the wings to help us out.

Last Friday Richard and I were pleased to see Dr Rob Janaway from Bradford University, who gave us some invaluable advice on conservation of finds. Although some of the techniques are standard for archaeological sites the relative newness of some of the materials, notably the organics, means that care and flexibility may be the order of the day. Between Rob and NML finds supremo Luke have excellent support.

In the meantime we are watching the weather and hoping that the pea crop in M. Delrue's field will be lifted in time for the launch of the project. Watching the weather is a common preoccupation at the minute. Belgium has been having similar weather to the UK and Claude (patron of the excellent Auberge) has told us to bring our wet suits. Mind you, they were saying on the TV that it was the wettest June since 1914 and I keep comforting myself with the thought that July and August 1914 were remarkably good, giving that image of the Edwardian Summer that ends on 4th August (a bit like the project).

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